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4-12th Grade

4th- 12th Grade

An image of David Johnson

David Johnson

Superintendent/ Elem. Principal
An image of Simon Merila

Simon Merila

An image of Beth Rock

Beth Rock

Administrator & Teacher/Music
An image of Denise Aman

Denise Aman

An image of Mrs. Danette Darrow

Mrs. Danette Darrow

Secretary/Transportation/Accts. Pay.
An image of Koree Clymer

Koree Clymer

An image of Becky Henry

Becky Henry

An image of Mr. Greg Geick

Mr. Greg Geick

Teacher/PE & Athletic Director
An image of Julia Hischke

Julia Hischke

Teacher/4th Grade
An image of Kim Sullivan

Kim Sullivan

Teacher/5th Grade
An image of Mara Zulz

Mara Zulz

Teacher/4-5 Special Ed.
An image of DiAnn Kuehn

DiAnn Kuehn

An image of Lynn Ehlers

Lynn Ehlers

Teacher/JH Special Ed.
An image of Mrs. Beth Armstrong

Mrs. Beth Armstrong

Teacher/JH Math
An image of Holly Spurgeon

Holly Spurgeon

Teacher/JH Science
An image of Ms. Tianna Tolbert

Ms. Tianna Tolbert

Teacher/JH Language Arts
An image of Holly Vaughan

Holly Vaughan

Teacher/JH History
An image of Emma Devlin

Emma Devlin

Teacher/HS English & Foreign Lang.
An image of Phillip Burris

Phillip Burris

Teacher/HS History
An image of Daniel Hook

Daniel Hook

Teacher/Dr. Ed, PE
An image of Ms. Kim Krohn

Ms. Kim Krohn

Teacher/HS Business
An image of Josh Dietrich

Josh Dietrich

Teacher/HS English
An image of Robert Lawrence

Robert Lawrence

Teacher/HS Science
An image of Matt Robison

Matt Robison

Teacher/Special Ed.
An image of Mr. Brett Spurgeon

Mr. Brett Spurgeon

Teacher/HS Math
An image of Mr. Stone Darrow

Mr. Stone Darrow

Media Specialist
An image of Mark Zulz

Mark Zulz

Guidance Counselor
An image of Levi Zulz

Levi Zulz

An image of Holly Remley

Holly Remley

An image of Emily Aman

Emily Aman

An image of Jeanette Carter

Jeanette Carter

Head Cook
An image of Linda Theirer

Linda Theirer

An image of Kentin Knoblauch

Kentin Knoblauch

An image of Matt Ulrich

Matt Ulrich

An image of Dave Hussemann

Dave Hussemann